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Director / Founder / Teacher

I was born in Argentina but my family moved to Los Angeles, California, when I was very young, which is why I’m “ambilingual”, (a native speaker of both Spanish and English). I feel incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to grow up speaking more than one language.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in History from U.C.L.A. I started working part-time at a language school as a college student, which is where I discovered a passion for teaching. During study abroad (at Complutense University, Madrid), I also taught English. After graduating I worked as a journalist in Madrid and also as a publicist at an actor’s agency. But even then, I always had opportunities to teach English, sometimes even to celebrities like Penelope Cruz!

I moved to Seville in 1994 and opened my first language school. In my opinion, all these experiences have helped me become a better teacher because part of my job is dealing with people from all walks of life and designing courses for professionals from various fields.

The reason I love teaching is that it allows me to meet and befriend highly motivated people who not only want to learn another language, but are also interested in different cultures and points of view. My relationship with my students is what makes my job worthwhile. The same can be said for the Language Planet team and our excellent work environment: we are open-minded, hard-working individuals with diverse skills and backgrounds who are eager to develop and grow as teachers and as human beings.